Briefly about us and our services
Hello, we are Significant Systems company.
We implement projects based on digital signage and video content analysis technologies completely – from identifying needs to technical support after.

What's that?
Digital signage is content that you can see around you in the real world on various screens, for example:
– screens on the outside of the clothing store with a video about the new collection;
– flight information display systems in airports;
– a touchscreen table with a map of the shopping center.
Video content analysis is computer analysis of photos and videos using machine learning technologies to detect and determine temporal and spatial events.

What's it useful for?
Digital signage:
– reduces the cost of updating informational and advertising content in your points of sale and customer service offices;
– attracts visitors and allows you to provide them unique experience using modern technologies, that increases brand loyalty and the likelihood of buying;
– can be used to monitor the quality of service and collect feedback from your customers.
Video content analysis makes possible to collect real data about your audience – gender, age, attention, etc.
But the main value of solutions disclosing when they are combined:
– measuring the effectiveness of informational/advertising content;
– showing relevant content to a specific target audience (targeting).

How does it work?
The core component of these type of solutions is quality software. We use Addreality Interactive Platform, because we see it as the best software on the market at the moment.
A technical side:
1. Install the platform content player on computers connected to screens. If necessary, connect also various devices to them – video cameras, Bluetooth-scanners, sound devices, etc.
2. Create a content playback scenario on the platform editor or use a ready-made one. Most scenarios, including interactive ones, can be created by design or marketing specialist.
3. Set up rules for displaying content, it's schedule, targeting requirements, etc.
4. Analyze results and optimize your content during the playback.

Where is the platform using?
There are Apple, Bosch, S7 Airlines, Rive Gauche, Sberbank, and many others across the world among the clients.
The project for Sberbank includes tens of thousands broadcast points – it's the largest digital signage project in Russia and one of the largest in the world at the moment.

Anything else?
We are constantly experimenting with new technologies and ways to apply them to communication processes with customers. At the moment we offer an additional service creating augmented reality effects on Facebook and Instagram.

What's next?
Tell us about your business and objectives and we'll find the best solution for you.
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