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Implementing Digital Signage- and Video Content Analysis-based projects on Addreality Platform
About the platform:
– There are Apple, Philip Morris, Bosch, S7 Airlines, Sberbank, and many others across the world among the clients
– A feature to create interactive Digital Signage scenarios based on results of Video Content Analysis without coding
– Independent from infrastructure
– Collects data about your audience and targets content in real time
Information screens
Screens displaying informational, entertaining or promotional content – from standard formats to digital shelf displays

Interactive panels
Implementing interactive scenarios – lookbooks, digital catalogs, interactive maps, entertainment systems, collecting feedback from customers

Video content analysis at points of sale
Collecting real data about your audience (gender, age, attention, etc.), measuring digital signage content effectiveness, showing relevant targeted content to them
Screens next to cash registers
Solutions for cross-selling based on customers receipts and other data about him/her, collecting feedback from customers and service quality assessment
Video walls, LED panels and media facades
Large and very large screens, including non-standard forms, for concept stores, press centers, outdoor design, stadiums

El-mini lifter
Projector system for in-elevator advertisement based on video content analysis results

Corporate communications
Staff training and notification, corporate TV, smart meeting room

Background music
Background music for creating mood at points of sale, audio-informing and audio ads

Programmatic sales
Monetize an audience at your points of sale using programmatic advertisement

Let's discuss your questions and expectations and find the right solution for your business.
More solutions
Addreality Interactive Platform provides tools to implement almost any communication scenarios using screens, video content analysis and modern technologies. For example:
– Price checker devices, which additionally show advertisement or information about job openings.
– Lift&learn mechanics – a visitor takes an item from a shelf, a nearest screen shows information about the taken item with additional content and possibilities to choose a size and make an order.
– A digital tree installation with 120 screens as leaves, show synchronized video content.
– A smart fitting room with a mirror showing stylish pictures of items which a visitor took with, and advising other items which complement the selected, with possibility to call a consultant to bring another sizes and additional items.
– And many other options.

I'm interested!
If you're thinking of how the solutions above can be useful for your business, there are some questions which help you to figure it out
Are you interested in measuring advertising content effectiveness and performing it's A/B-testing?
Are you interested in gathering data about visitors (gender, age, emotions, etc.) of your points of sale and service offices?
Do you update advertising or information content often?
Are you interested in collecting feedback from your customers and evaluating quality of your service?
Do you want to provide unique customer experience using modern technologies?
Do you plan to implement omnichannel marketing strategy?
Do you want to show targeted content to your customers?
Are you interested in monetizing audience of your points of sale showing them programmatic advertisement?
If you already have screens, are you willing to manage these devices and content on them safely and effectively?
If you've answered "yes" at least one question, our solutions can be useful for you. Contacts us, we'll be happy to answer your questions and find suitable options.
Who uses the platform
Companies across the world with 20 millions daily audience are using Addreality Interactive Platform.
Each one receives an average of 2-40% revenue uplift.
The largest digital signage project in Russia and one of the largest in the world (tens of thousands broadcast points in eleven time zones) implemented for Sberbank of Russia using Addreality Interactive Platform.
Information about some public projects available on the link.
About us
Hello! My name is Karen Oganesyan, I'm founder and CEO of Significant Systems company.
I have been working in the IT field for 13 years. My main experience is related to creating custom software, such as the National Electronic Library of Russia and specialized solutions for employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

As a part of Addreality company I was working on numbers of digital signage projects, including the largest in Russia and one of the largest DS-project in the world for Sberbank.

Significant Systems is a certified partner of Addreality company.

Significant Systems areas of activity:
– supplying and introducing of Addreality Interactive Platform;
– complete implementation of projects based on digital signage and video content analysis technologies, including hardware supplying and mounting;
– custom software development.
Addreality Interactive Platform
The platform components
Addreality Designer
It's the platform's editor for creating a content playback scenarios.
Installs on computers of employees, who're responsible for that – design or marketing specialists.
Addreality Player
It's the platform's player to play content at broadcast points screens.
Installs on devices of broadcast points.
Addreality Manager
It's the platform's tool for managing content and devices of broadcast points and for analyzing results of content playback. Available via web interface.
Installs on a server or Addreality cloud.
Addreality Server
It's the platform's back-end service, which is responsible for communications between Designer, Player, and Manager.
Installs on a server or Addreality cloud.
How to work with the platform
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Prepare a template
A template is a content playback scenario. You can use a ready-made template (more than 90 templates are available) and adapt it to your purposes or create a new template from scratch.
Set up playback rules
Setting up playback rules on Manager:
– what content to play and on which devices;
– a schedule of content showing;
– audience targeting settings;
– uploading of dynamic content to the template.
Content playback results analysis on Manager or external analytical software. Further improving of the template and the content according to the results.
Key features
Creating templates without coding
Create content playback scenarios, including interactive ones, in the platform's editor with graphic user interface and without coding.
Examples of interactive scenarios: filling forms, pressing buttons, a reaction on events from external sources, an integration with external software.
More than 90 ready-made templates freely available to use and modify on the platform.
Cross-platform software
Player is available at most of modern devices, which meet the platform's technical requirements – computers, screens, smart TV, media players, mobile devices, touch screen tables and panels, interactive kiosks.
The following OS are supported: Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, webOS, SSSP.
Supporting external devices which can be connected to broadcast points, such as video cameras, barcode scanners, motion detectors, presence sensors, Bluetooth beacons, audio input/output devices, mac-address detectors.
Centralized content and devices management
Manager provides functionality to manage content and devices of broadcast points secure from a single point.
There are more than 30 commands to control the devices – from automatically configuring the device's OS to turning the camera connected to that.
P2P data transfer between devices
Broadcast point devices can exchange content and commands (for playing complicated interactive scenarios) between each other peer-to-peer.
Video content analysis
The solution with functionality to recognize audience gender, age, attention, emotions, and other attributes. It's Addreality own technology, works offline – a device hasn't be connected to Internet.
The platform provides API to make possible receiving video content analysis results straight from Players on broadcast points.
Audience targeting
Target content and offers on your audience in real time:
– at a specific person;
– at a person, who meet your targeting requirements;
– at a group of people, who meet your targeting requirements.
Detailed logs about all events on the platform including working logs from devices of broadcast points. Reports about content playback and results of video content analysis. The mentioned data can be exported to external software.
Knowledge base
The platform includes frequently updating knowledge base with interactive manuals.
The platform can be used in Addreality cloud (Microsoft Azure) and on your own infrastructure.
The platform is available for 14-day free test
Contact us before a test period – we'll ask you requirement information and we'll prepare some recommendations how to perform the test effectively.
Contact us
+7 499 381 42 38
– Russia, 109012, Moscow, Novaya Ploshchad', 8/2
– Russia, 197345, Saint Petersburg, Lyzhnyi pereulok, 4
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